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Groundwater Civil Engineer Planning

GIP Dresden Groundwater Civil Engineer Planning was founded in September 2009 from the GFI GmbH Dresden and the DGFZ e.V. The GIP is an institutional member of DGFZ since 2010. The statutory fields of responsibility are in the range groundwater, well construction, hydraulic engineering, water management systems and engineering.


GIP is represented by:


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. U. Beims (civil engineer - hydraulic engineering / water management, chief engineer)

  • Dr.-Ing. Th. Luckner (civil engineer - hydraulic engineering / geotechnics, Managing director)

  • Dr.-Ing. U. Uhlig (engineer - water management / hydrologist, Managing director)


GIP GmbH Dresden
Meraner Str. 10
01217 Dresden

Phon: +49 0351 / 4050630
Fax: +49 0351 / 4050639
E-Mail: info[at]gip-dresden.de
Internet: www.gip-dresden.de