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MOHID Water Modelling System

Date: 7 to 11th of July, 2014

Time: Monday to Friday, from 9h00 to 17h00 (1 hour lunch break),

in a total of 35 hours of training.



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MOHID Water Modelling System ( is an integrated numerical modelling system that consists of two main numerical simulation models:

(i) MOHID Water – applicable to surface water bodies (ocean, coastal areas, estuaries, reservoirs and lakes) and

(ii) MOHID Land – applicable to watersheds.

The MOHID Water basic training package is directed at graduation and post-graduation students, scientists, engineers and professionals that develop their research/work in projects related with the ocean, coastal areas, estuaries and other aquatic systems, both in physics, biology, chemistry, ecology and environmental sciences or water quality.

The training course is designed to be practical and aims to provide the student an introduction about using MOHID Water model and support tools and its capabilities in simulating aquatic systems.



  • Day 1 – Introduction, general overview and applications of MOHID. MOHID Studio installation; 
  • Day 2 – MOHID Studio: Data Files, Pre-processing, Post-processing, main options, visualization;
  • Day 3 – Hydrodynamics and transport: basic concepts, finite volumes, geometry, initial and boundary conditions, advection-diffusion, sinks and sources;
  • Day 4 – Hydrodynamics and transport: discharges, lagrangian approach, water quality, sediment transport, reservoir modelling, etc; 
  • Day 5 – Water Quality and biogeochemistry: basic concepts and applications, cycles and processes, pelagic and benthic dynamics and interaction



The course fee is 850,- € and includes:

  • a fully working, professional license for MOHID Studio, valid for 6 months
  • specific course exercises, and the answers
  • certificate of attendance
  • refreshments and luncheons during the 5 days of the course

Seminar language is English.

Course attendees must bring their own laptop (Windows XP or Vista/7/8, minimum 1GB/2GB RAM respectively).

Max. Participants in the course: 12.


MOHID Water training will be provided by Eng. Luis Fernandes or by Eng. Frank Braunschweig.


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